About us

On the occasion of the International Year of Statistics, the Competence Center for Methodology and Statistics of CRP-Santé has teamed up together with several other institutions involved in statistics in Luxembourg in order, to organize this unique conference which will take place on the 26th and 27th of November 2013.

This event is jointly organized by CRP-Santé, CEPS/Instead, the University of Luxembourg, Statec Luxembourg, Artemis and Sogeti.

Scientific & Organizing Committee:

Stephen Senn (CRP- Santé)
Olivier Collignon (CRP- santé)
Yvik Swan (University of Luxembourg)
Christophe Ley (University of Brussels)
Uwe Warner (CEPS/Instead)
Carole Stefanuto (CEPS/Instead)
Maria-Joao Santos (Eurostat)
Nico Weydert (Statec Luxembourg)
Knut Utvik (Artemis)
Laurent Jacquet (Sogeti)
Aurélia Derischebourg (CRP-Santé)
Ronny Krings (CRP- Santé)


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