Presentations - Day 1

Marie Bohatá, Eurostat
Enhancing Credibility of European Statistics

Serge Allegrezza, STATEC
Credibility Conditions for Official Statistics

Jean Ries, STATEC
Gender Pay Gap - A Statistical Illusion?

Guillaume Osier, STATEC
Defining Poverty in Luxembourg

Hilmar Schneider, CEPS/INSTEAD
Cross-border micro data for the Greater Region: A major step towards understanding European integration

Christof Wolf, GESIS
Research Infrastructure for Ocial Micro-Data in Europe: Data without Boundaries and Beyond

Survey data for social research. The need for a general social survey

Philippe Liégeois, CEPS/INSTEAD
Microsimulation as statistical analysis tool

Pilar Martín-Guzmán, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Challenges in official statistics

Thierry Paccoud, InSyDe
Must statistics be boring all the time : making data attractive?

Manuel Da Silva, Artemis
Business intelligence and management of statistical data

Jean-Marc Béguin, INSEE
Profiling enterprise groups: a new and promising statistical activity

Menno Van Doorn, Sogeti
Big Data & predicting behavior: next frontier in science and business


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